Dream and Passion: A Life Experience

There are reasons and inspirations behind every story. And I wrote a few which reasons, purpose, and inspirations I would like to share.

I am an aspiring pharmacist and a physician. But what I really wanted to be is a writer, an author of novels who would bring people entertainment, motivation, inspiration and reasons to keep life moving on.

Ever since I was a child, I have always dreamed of being a doctor. But as I grew up, writing has become my passion.

A Dream and a passion are two different things. A dream is something that the mind desires, developed as a child grew into maturity. Since the mind created this dream, the mind would most likely make the decisions concerning it.

On the other hand, a passion is the thing a person loves to do. The heart plays a significant role in one’s passion. I’ve once wrote a quote of my own, “Follow your mind; it’ll lead you to success. Follow your heart; it’ll lead you to happiness.”

The mind and heart would sometimes interfere in each other’s jobs pertaining to the life of their person. The mind would create the right decisions setting aside what the person would feel, which the heart greatly disagrees. The heart wanted the person to be happy thus making rash decisions that could lead a person to failure or mistakes.

Making them both work together isn’t as easy as counting from one to three. The heart and mind have great differences that hinder one’s intention as they prove their own.

But still one could definitely find happiness in success and vice versa. But if dream and passion together doesn’t seem to work out for you, you would have to choose between one of them.

I’ve been caught up in between my dream and passion.  At first, I tried doing both. I study Pharmacy for Pre-Med and wrote novels on my free time. But seeing as writing is something I truly enjoy and love to do, it hogs most of my time making me focus more on my writing than studying.

I’ve faced the consequences of my action and failed one of my subjects in the process. Now, I am torn between my love for writing and my aspiration of being a doctor. I wanted success but I also want happiness.

People tend to be selfish and strive to pursue both when entirely no one is capable enough to do it.

My life lessons and experiences are the inspiration behind my every story while its purpose is to help me feel the life of dream and passion, and success and happiness together through my characters, based on my personality and of those of the people around me.

Life would always be unfair thus my stories are my way of escaping the cruel fate of my life.


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