To my First College Friend

  Stepping into the university, I knew I was a step closer in achieving my dreams. But the memorable beginning turned dark after realizing that college was so much harder than what I once thought it would be. College is a survival game where only the best and smartest students remains. In high school, I... Continue Reading →


Change is a Constant Illusion 

Innocent, Kind, and Fragile. People defined me with these words for years. One attempt on trying to live free from that image had them all surprised and shocked as how I defied changing. Change is a constant. No matter how hard I tried to fight back to stay of whom I once been. The world... Continue Reading →

To my bestfriend 

You weren't exactly the friend I thought I could be having when I first met you. You greeted me with a screeching voice that I think even the windows might break. You are the know-it-all girl and the all time favorite teacher's pet. And I hated you for that. You like being the center of... Continue Reading →

To my almost lover

Looking back to all those days we’ve spent talking all throughout the day. The sleepless nights we’ve spent hearing each other’s voices. I couldn’t help but think what went wrong. Why everything must come to an end? I’ve never thought that the day you’ll slowly drift away from me would ever happen.  I was so... Continue Reading →

Marriage as my vocation 

In the near future about ten years from now, I could clearly see myself getting married. Marriage is sacred. It doesn't happen after practice. It isn't a role play where you get to read and practice the script before you go on air. Even choosing a  husband, a wife or a life partner doesn't come... Continue Reading →

Dream and Passion: A Life Experience

There are reasons and inspirations behind every story. And I wrote a few which reasons, purpose, and inspirations I would like to share. I am an aspiring pharmacist and a physician. But what I really wanted to be is a writer, an author of novels who would bring people entertainment, motivation, inspiration and reasons to... Continue Reading →

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