The Divided Love of a Family

I hate it when people tell me what to do while others sit back and let me do the work alone. I hated how they will always be in their favor but never do mine. I will and will always be push around till I reached the back whenever they were around. Is it always... Continue Reading →


Marriage as my vocation 

In the near future about ten years from now, I could clearly see myself getting married. Marriage is sacred. It doesn't happen after practice. It isn't a role play where you get to read and practice the script before you go on air. Even choosing a  husband, a wife or a life partner doesn't come... Continue Reading →

Dream and Passion: A Life Experience

There are reasons and inspirations behind every story. And I wrote a few which reasons, purpose, and inspirations I would like to share. I am an aspiring pharmacist and a physician. But what I really wanted to be is a writer, an author of novels who would bring people entertainment, motivation, inspiration and reasons to... Continue Reading →

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